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Strengthen health care and defence

Even Father Kneipp from Bad Wörishofen (not far from us) knew that there is a herb for every illness. Maria Treben’s book describes many of the local herbs and it is amazing how well they help again and again. Especially the Swedish bitters, whose recipe was found in the book of the Swedish doctor Dr. Claus Samst. He accidentally died at the age of 104 when he fell off the horse. In Dr. Samst’s family, many relatives have lived to the age of 100, some even beyond.
In our family, too, we have experienced some amazing surprises with the herbs. Just recently, my mother was diagnosed with cataracts and glaucoma during her eye examination. I immediately got her the tea that Maria Treben described in the book mentioned below. After three weeks, when her eyes were examined again in the clinic to prepare for the operation, the glaucoma had disappeared! According to Maria Treben, glaucoma has to do with the kidneys. If these are regulated, the symptom in the eyes disappears.

Swedish bitters according to Maria Treben, from the book Health from the Pharmacy of God

The Rudolf Breuss cancer cure correctly applied: Guide to cancer treatment by Juergen H.R. Thomar should also be read.